[From 10$/Pg] Step 3 – Finish

[From 10$/Pg] Step 3 – Finish


Step 3 – Finish Your Research & Create Your Presentation (60 points) 

  • You will complete your research for your Exercise Physiology question. You should have 3-5 sources (including the one submitted in Step 2) with completed annotated bibliographies.
  • You should create a presentation with the following components:
    • An introduction to your research question. Identify your question and provide background as to what you were hoping to learn and why you selected this question
    • Your research. This section should include the 3-5 annotated bibliographies to briefly summarize the research that was conducted.
    • Your conclusions. You should compare and contrast the sources used and articulate your understanding of these sources. If an answer to your research question was arrived at, you should include that. If you did not get a definitive answer to your question, that’s okay! What did you learn and what might you need to investigate further to get to an answer?
    • Discuss how you could apply your findings in a real-world setting.
  • Submit your presentation to Canvas by Sunday 3/5 11:59 pm.

Point Breakdown 

Introduction to your research (5 points)

  • Full Points: Provide insight into your selected research question. This should include what your question is, background information (or potentially interest if you want to share) you already have on this topic, and what you were hoping to learn through this project.
  • Points will be reduced for not including this component or not providing insight into what specifically you were hoping to learn throughout this project. 

Research (30 points) 

  • Full points: At minimum (3) completed and accurate annotated bibliographies. Sources should be credible and scholarly. Your annotation should be your own descriptive and evaluative summary of the information, not just a repeat of the article abstract. 
  • Points will be reduced if there are fewer than (3) sources, sources are not credible, your annotation is just a repeat of the article abstract. 

Conclusions (10 points) 

Full points: Thorough overview of what was found throughout your research. Compare and contrast findings between your sources. If a definitive answer was obtained for your research question you should speak to this. If no answer was arrived at, discuss what you were able to conclude and what pieces you would like to continue to explore or why you think there may not be specific answers. You should be supporting your statements, for example, don’t just say I came to this conclusion, explain WHY and HOW. You should also consider what limitations to the information you see if any. **You are welcome to include anecdotal information to support your conclusions however your conclusions should be formed based on the evidence-based information from the sources. 

Points will be reduced if you do not compare/contrast your sources (in other words if you look at each individually without considering how the sources as a whole impact our understanding of this topic). Points would also be reduced if your statements are not supported or you rely too heavily on anecdotal information to form your conclusions rather than evidence-based information. 

Application to Real World (10 points) 

Full Points: Clear explanation of how the information gathered could be applied to real-world scenarios.

Points will be reduced if no application is discussed or if the application is not appropriate based on the evidence-based information provided. 

Organization (5 points) 

Full points: The presentation is easy to follow, organized, and has minimal spelling/grammar errors.