What are the circumstances that would make you reexamine (answer attached)

What are the circumstances that would make you reexamine your Vision, Mission, and Values? Why is environmental analysis an important part of strategy formulation?   


homework in geology must be in paragraph form and diagrams must be included.

POS 408 Week 1 – HelloWorld

POS 408 Week 1 – HelloWorld

General Business PROJ-598 Contract and Procurement Mgmt COURsE PROJECT

The course project for PROJ598 consists of three parts, which provide familiarization to processes associated with contract and procurement management. Part 1 (PP1) of the Course Project focuses on the first section of the RFP and entails selecting one of the three RFP procurement cases listed under the PP1 section and using the PP1&2 – Course Project RFP template document in the Doc Sharing area to develop information to support section one of the RFP. Part 1 (PP2) of the Course Project entails completing the remaining sections of the RFP by developing a comprehensive document that could be submitted to a vendor. Part 3 (PP3) covers all of the TCOs but touches mainly upon textbook Chapters 9 through 12. You will be required to identify an opportunity through https://www.Fbo.gov and follow the instructions, which are located in the Doc Sharing section.


Part III (PP3)

Assignment:  PP1 and PP2 were designed to highlight TCOs A, B, C, D, and E. In terms of textbook coverage, PP1 dealt with material in Chapters 1 through 8. In contrast, PP3 covers all of the TCOs but touches mainly upon textbook Chapters 9 through 12. You will be required to identify an opportunity through https://www.Fbo.gov and follow the instructions which are located in the Doc Sharing section.

This project is to be prepared and submitted in accordance with the guidelines presented below.

Submission Details:

Please submit your PP3 document to the Week 6 Dropbox. Instructions could be found in the PP3 – Formal Proposal Submission in the Doc Sharing section.

Clarification Issues:  As a service to everyone in the class, all questions of a clarification nature should be posted in the weekly Q & A  Forum during the week in which your question arises.

Grading:  see scoring grid below.

Deadline:  PP3 is due by the end of Week 6.

Submit your PP3 assignment to the Week 6 Dropbox.


Cover Page


Technical Approach


Personnel quals and management approach


Past performance and teaming agreements


Capabilities and format


Total Points 125






Formal Proposal Submission Assignment


Go to the https://fbo.gov

  Search for an opportunities within a 90 day period and select any opportunity of your choice Include the solicitation Number and Contract Award date Submit a formal written proposal in response to the opportunity that you have selected.



Evaluation Criteria  


Technical merit is substantially more important than price in determining who will be included in the competitive range.  As proposals become more technically equal, price will take on greater significance.  The Government will select the top 3-5 Offers, considering the following evaluation criteria, listed in descending order of importance.

  Technical Approach Subject Matter Knowledge Key Staff and Other Resources Past Performance Cost



Written Proposal Format and Instructions


Written Proposal Format


Your written proposal must not exceed 25 pages in length and include the items below.

  1 Page Cover Letter Technical Approach must not exceed 10 pages Resumes should be provided for the key staff that you are proposing 3 Past Performance references. Each reference must include a point of contact and contact information. Description of any proposed teaming partners and subcontractors Your proposal should evidence your capabilities, as well as your proposed partners’ capabilities.  The format of your entire proposal must use standard margins with the font size greater than 10 points (e.g., 11 point or 12 point font is acceptable) to include all attachments.




Please note that there must be no communication with the client regarding this initiative until a selection has been made.  This includes any potential teaming partners and subcontractors.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.  Any questions or concerns must be addressed to the instructor.





MKT 438 Week 2 – Summary

MKT 438 Week 2 – Summary

aviation safety help? Flight 232 crash

read and follow the outline that i have attached. topics include investigation and what changes resulted from the crash.


the paper should be one page and has at least two pragraphs that talking about those two topis.

additional information is required.

you should also follow, read, and watch the websites provided

NASA, NTSB, FAA wesite is requried and helpful.























Expo 12 (For Roel Only)!!!!!

Thanks Roel!!!!

HSM 260 full course (attached)

HSM 260 full course (attached)



POS 355 Week 5 Final Exam

Assignment: Final Exam



  POS355 Week 5 Final Exam



  1. The operating system serves as an intermediary between the user and the computer hardware. (True / False)



  2. The operating system serves as an intermediary between a process and the computer hardware. (True / False)




  3. This is the brain of a computer.

   a. smart card

   b. artificial intelligence

   c. logical address

   d. read-only memory

   e. central processing unit




  4. When a single user runs two copies of the same program concurrently (for example, two instances of Notepad), two processes are created.   (True / False)




  5. The following operating systems were developed by Microsoft:

          a. Mac OS

         b. Linux

         c. Solaris

         d. all of the above

         e. b and c only

         f. none of the above




  6. A _______________ operating system supports a system that has rigid time requirements on the CPU and data flows.







  Time-sharing requires the following.

   a. process scheduling

   b. process protection

   c. deadlock detection/avoidance/handling

   d. all of the above




  8. A _______________ is a named collection of bytes recorded on secondary storage.



  9. Multitasking requires multiple processors. (True / False)




  10. Multiprocessing requires multiple processors. (True / False)



  11. Inside a computer, data is stored in binary form.   (True / False)




  12. An interrupt is a mechanism to signal the processor that normal processing should be temporarily suspended.   (True / False)



  13. It is impossible to run a program if its total memory requirements exceed available RAM.   (True / False)



  14. These are examples of operating systems.

   a. Linux

   b. MS-DOS

   c. Microsoft Windows

   d. Microsoft Word

   e. all of the above

   f. just (a), (b), (c)



  15. A disk drive is a direct access storage device.   (True / False)




  16. A disk drive is an example of a secondary storage device.   (True / False)





  17. The _____(a)______ address space is the set of all addresses generated by a program.

   The _____(b)______ address space is the set of addresses of real memory locations




  18. From smallest to largest, which sequence is correct?

   a. byte, bit, kilobyte

   b. bit, byte, kilobyte

   c. megabyte, kilobyte, gigabyte

   d. kilobyte, gigabyte, megabyte

   e. none of the above



  19. This is the part of the operating system that remains in main memory during system operation.

   a. central processing unit

   b. kernel

   c. seed

   d. TRON




  20. Cache memory helps to prevent bottlenecks between a CPU and random access memory. (True / False)



  21. An operating system’s user interface is often referred to as a shell because it separates the user from OS details. (True / False)



  22. The short-term queue in the operating system’s scheduling system consists of processes that are in main memory. (True / False)



  23. Client/server computing is one example of distributed computing. (True / False)




  24. An operating system that includes virtually all of OS functionality in a single large block of code that runs in a single process with a single address space is said to be ______________.

   a. humongous

   b. monotonic

   c. monolithic

   d. uniprocessing



  25. When one process spawns another, the spawning process is referred to as the child process and the spawned process is referred to as the parent process. (True / False)




  26. One solution to the problem of limited main memory space is swapping, which involves moving all or part of a process from main memory to secondary memory. (True / False)



  27. A sequential access file has fixed-size 100-byte records. Assuming the first record is record 1, the first byte of record 5 will be at what logical location?




  28. On a system using 80-byte records and 500-byte blocks, how much space is wasted in each block?




  29. Contrast random access memory and disk storage in three different ways.



  30. What is the following diagram called?





  31. Explain what the diagram in question #30 is telling us.




  32. A 16-bit address bus can address _______ more addresses than an 8-bit address bus.




  33. How many memory addresses can be addressed by a 24-bit wide address bus?




  34. Discuss the advantages of a multiprogramming operating system over a single-tasking operating system.   What trade-offs are involved in multiprogramming?



  35. Discuss 5 differences between operating systems for a mainframe and a personal computer.



  36. If you were a programmer writing an

  operating system for a real-time environment, what would be your main challenge?





  37. What is a real-world example of a system that requires a real-time operating system? Explain your answer.




  38. Briefly describe the stages in the life cycle of a process. Which of these stages can occur only once in a process’ life cycle, and which stages can occur multiple times?




  39. Explain how an operating system can help a company ensure that its customer contact representatives have higher-priority access than the company’s executives to the processing power of the company’s mainframe computer.



  40. A cloud computing service provider needs to charge customers for computing resources that they use (for example, CPU, memory, disk space) Discuss how an operating system can help the cloud computing service provider charge back these costs.