all discussion posts must be minimum 250 words, references must be cited in APA format, and must include minimum of 2 scholarly resources published within the past 5-7 years.


Funding of Healthcare/ Reimbursement Issues  Medicare   or Medicaid – which has greater impact in your state?  Im in Florida

Private insurance  Managed care (HMOs,   PPOs, etc.) Medicare/Medicaid Medicare Part D (Medication coverage

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information technology – importance in strategic planning (Name of the subject)

The vast majority of the population associates Blockchain with cryptocurrency Bitcoin; however, there are many other uses of blockchain; such as Litecoin, Ether, and other currencies. In this discussion, please describe at least two cryptocurrencies with applicable examples. Discuss some similarities and differences. Lastly, discuss if you have any experience using any cryptocurrencies.

*Explain, define, or analyze the topic in detail

*Share an applicable personal experience.
*At least one scholarly source should be used, Use proper citations and references in your post.

New Computer System (powerpoint 14-20 slides)

Create a Power Point Presentation to discuss the following:

You have been asked to implement a new computer charting system within your hospital. The staff at the hospital has been using paper charting and the staff’s age range is from 20 to 72. You will need to address the following: Who would you want on your team to help you as you implement this change and why? (interdisciplinary team) What should you consider when communicating this change to staff? How should the change be communicated to staff? (in-service, shift meeting) How are you going to implement the change, handle resistance, and be the change agent? What issues do you need to address about the use of technology within the hospital? (security, website surfing, documentation) What type of technology would you like to see (tablets, laptops, PC’s) why? How do you address the concerns of your staff who do not have a computer and are scared of them?

Power Point should include at least 3 outside references and the textbook. It should include title and reference slides and be 14-20 slides.  

leadership and administration

Every student’s practice environment and preceptor is different, therefore practicum objectives will vary for all students. Write 3 individualized practice objectives that you will achieve during the next 8 weeks. All practicum activities should be directed towards accomplishing these set goals. Remember, objectives should be measurable, able to be completed during the 8 weeks for the practicum time, and produce proof, an artifact or evidence that they were achieved.  This is in health care field. I am having my practicum in the nursing home. 

Here are some examples to follow or modify:

Student will develop a slide presentation about _______________ for presentation to student or staff nurses.

Student will create a survey to measure satisfaction about ____________ with lesson by participants.

Student will attend three faculty or staff meetings about _____________ as evidenced by reflective essay about each meeting.

Student will write article for publication about _________ in nursing journal and submit to ten peers for review.

Student will present a process or policy improvement topic about ____________ to administration or leadership.

Student will create a YouTube presentation about ___________ and solicit comments from viewers.

Student will create and deliver training modules about _______ to staff or student nurses.leader

module 3 medical law and ethics


The terms diversity and inclusion have a number of definitions and concepts associated with them.  In your own words, define the terms diversity and inclusion.

There are numerous benefits and advantages of having a diverse workplace environment, especially in healthcare.  Discuss in detail two benefits or advantages to having a diverse and inclusive workforce environment and how each improves patient experience and outcomes.

Lastly, identify and describe a situation that you might encounter in your role as an allied healthcare provider where it would be necessary to exhibit and display diversity awareness skills and knowledge to resolve the situation that is beneficially for everyone involved. This situation might be between you and patient or a coworker.  Make sure you discuss why diversity awareness skills and knowledge would be necessary to resolve the situation.

Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length and be in APA formatting.


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Cultural Group


1. Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.

2. Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources. Choose your sources carefully.

3. Consider the discussions and any insights gained from it.

4. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.


Pick a cultural group (different from yours) that you commonly care for at work. Research the answers to the following… Health beliefs and practices Family patterns Communication style Space orientation Time orientation Nutritional Patterns Pain Responses Childbirth and perinatal care Death and Dying Spirituality, religion, and faith (include holy days) Prayer and meditation

What knowledge did you gain about this group that you were not aware of? How will this knowledge change the way you care for this cultural group?

This paper should include 2 outside references and your book. This paper should be at least 2000 words (this does not include the title page and reference page).

#35587 – 2 pages 12 Hrs

#35587 Topic: HIV

Number of Pages: 2 (Double Spaced)

Number of sources: 5

Writing Style: APA

Type of document: Annotated Bibliography

Academic Level:High School

Category:   Healthcare

Language Style: English (U.S.)

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Neuro-Rehabilitation Article Research analysis

Attached find Article, answer the questions provide during the analysis, no citations, no fancy words.

   Describe and discuss the purpose, method, results,and conclusions of the article. What type of feedback and frequency was used in the  research article? How is this important to motor control and motor learning in physical therapy?

  Cover page including the Course name & number, title of Paper, and your names and date. Reference assigned article in first page, before  content of paper. Must use Times New Roman 12 point font; Double  spaced; Indent as necessary Written in 2-3 pages (not including the cover and references page)

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