[From 10$/Pg] Discussion

[From 10$/Pg] Discussion

Supporting Antonio and his Grandmother

Antonio is a 17-year old young man who lives in the inner-city of Chicago. Last night, he witnessed the fatal shooting of a female classmate. Concerned about Antonio’s psychological and emotional wellbeing, Antonio’s grandmother brought him to the community mental health clinic.

As a Human Services Professional who has training in crisis intervention, you begin to interact with Antonio. Though responsive throughout the session, Antonio refuses to hold back his tears any longer and says, “Man, she didn’t deserve that. All my friends are dying. Why do I have to feel like there is no way out?” Antonio excuses himself to go to the restroom to dry his face.

Antonio’s grandmother says, “What do I do? How do I help him? Please, please, please, I’m begging you; how can I help my grandson?” Moments later, Antonio walks back into your office.

In your initial post, address the following:

  1. As the Human Services Professional, how would you respond to Antonio and what would you recommend to Antonio’s grandmother?
  2. Explain two things you would avoid saying/doing during your professional interactions with Antonio?

[From 10$/Pg] ANOVA

[From 10$/Pg] ANOVA

Chi-square tests are nonparametric tests that examine nominal categories as opposed to numerical values. Consider a situation in which you may want to transform numerical scores into categories. Provide a specific example of a situation in which categories are more informative than the actual values.

Suppose we had conducted an ANOVA, with individuals grouped by political affiliation (Republican, Democrat, and Other), and we were interested in how satisfied they were with the current administration.  Satisfaction was measured on a scale of 1-10, so it was measured on a continuous scale.  Explain what changes would be required so that you could analyze the hypothesis using a chi-square test. For instance, rather than looking at test scores as a range from 0 to 100, you could change the variable to low, medium, or high. What advantages and disadvantages do you see in using this approach? Which is the better option for this hypothesis, the parametric approach or nonparametric approach? Why?”

Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research

[From 10$/Pg] Do you have free will?

[From 10$/Pg] Do you have free will?


Do you have free will? Or does your brain chemistry make decisions for you?

This week, you are learning about the electrochemical reactions that happen every time you think, feel, or act. So does that mean you are not in charge? Does body chemistry direct your choices and eliminate your control?

This TED video (Links to an external site.) explains the specific ways caffeine affects your mood, alertness, and performance, all through your nervous system.

After you watch the video, choose a side to support: free will or brain chemistry (determinism) best explains mood, alertness, and performance.

In your response, use a minimum of three new terms from the webtext to support your argument. This is not based on your personal views but must include a reference to our course materials to support your ideas. There is no right or wrong answer to free will or brain chemistry. Your grade is based on your ability to support your choice with academic material.

Support your post with information from weekly webtext

[From 10$/Pg] Milestone 3

[From 10$/Pg] Milestone 3

 Introduction A. Identify and briefly summarize the topic related to psychology, which you will study. B. Summarize articles relevant to the topic you want to research (see the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric for specific details).  C. Hypothesis 1. State your hypothesis. The hypothesis should be logical and appropriate to the topic you want to research. 2. Explain where your hypothesis fits in the context of the literature reviewed.  3. Discuss specific examples from relevant literature that support your hypothesis. II. Methods A. Methodology 1. Explain the research design and method you selected, and justify why they are appropriate for your research. 2. Discuss the research participants who will be involved in your study, including how they will be selected and how many will be used.  B. Data Collection 1. Describe your sampling frame. 2. Discuss the data collection instrument you will use and how the data collected will address your hypothesis.  3. Explain how you will ensure the protection of participants in your study and adherence to the APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists. III. Discussion A. Using the articles you previously evaluated, explain how the evidence presented by the authors of the articles supports your research proposal.  B. Explain how you would appropriately convey your research findings to your audience. How would this be written? What aspects of the research  would be referenced? C. Explain what further research could be conducted that goes beyond or in a different direction than your research proposal 

[From 10$/Pg] Proposal Summary

[From 10$/Pg] Proposal Summary

 Assessment Description

Using the attached Research Proposal assignments, submit a 500-750-word summary of your proposal. The summary must include the following:

Part 1 (Introduction, Literature Review, and Research Questions/Hypotheses)

  • Introduction: Title, description of what will be researched, an explanation of why the research is important to the field of psychology, and an explanation of how respect for persons, beneficence, and justice will be upheld and the process for informed consent.
  • Literature Review: An analysis of the literature review detailing findings from 8-10 scholarly, empirical, peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 – 7 years.
  • Research Questions/Hypotheses: Presentation of research questions and hypotheses.

Part 2 (Methods and Data Collection, Hypothetical Findings, Suggestions for Future Research, Conclusion, and References)

  • Methods and Data Collection: An explanation of the method (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed), data collection method, sample, instrumentation, and the statistical analysis used to test the hypotheses, if quantitative, or the data analysis method if qualitative.
  • Hypothetical Findings: A verbal or graphical presentation of the findings and an explanation of how the findings rejected or failed to reject the null hypotheses (if applicable) and answered the research questions.
  • Suggestions for Future Research: Suggestions for future research based on the hypothetical findings.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

NOTE: Please you the attached to do the abstract

[From 10$/Pg] Discussion 2

[From 10$/Pg] Discussion 2

Use the social constructionist/symbolic interactionist approach (in particular, “the social process of deviance” and “moral entrepreneurs”) to interpret how Donald Trump, his political associates, and his media supporters have portrayed undocumented immigrants as dangerous “deviants.”

The posts will be graded according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance: the ideas expressed indicate that the student has read and comprehended the assigned material.
  • Clarity, coherence: the ideas are stated clearly and coherently.
  • Critical thinking: there is evidence that the student has adequately analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated the assigned material.
  • Poses a question for discussion: the posting articulates a question for discussion that pertains to the assigned material.
  • Spelling, grammar: the posting must meet university-level standards of spelling and grammar.
  • Length: each submission must be no less than 250 words in length; there is no maximum length.The word count must be listed at the end of each post.

[From 10$/Pg] hosp

[From 10$/Pg] hosp

In this discussion board, we will discuss the expansion plans of hotel chains in your chosen countries.In your post, please consider:

  1. What major chains are present in your country of choice and how many properties does each have?
  2. Choose one chain and discuss its expansion plans within the country.  Be sure to include how this is being accomplished (new builds, mergers, acquisitions).
  3. Discuss how classifications and standards are determined in the country for independent hotels.  Are they determined by the government?  A private agency?  By the hoteliers themselves?

It is anticipated that your initial post will be 500 words in length (one page, single spaced) and reference a minimum of 3 cited sources.

[From 10$/Pg] 5-2

[From 10$/Pg] 5-2

you will generate content for your Final Project regarding the implementation of performance evaluation. As discussed in Chapter 12 attached, the implementation of performance evaluation methods is an ongoing process that aids the marketing department in determining the success of its current programs and the positive direction for future marketing actions. The authors of your text highlight multiple performance methods that can be used to improve the marketing decision process. For your initial post, state how the balanced scorecard method could be used to identify performance procedures, methods, and responsibilities for controlling set policies within your chosen healthcare organization and to evaluate the success of your chosen healthcare organization’s marketing plan. 

[From 10$/Pg] 5-1

[From 10$/Pg] 5-1

As discussed in Chapter 12, planning and control processes should be integrated; that is, both processes should be used to obtain feedback that will allow the marketing team to successfully reach strategic objectives through the marketing plan. 

For your initial post:

describe the importance of timely information flow/feedback in terms of your chosen healthcare organization and marketing plan. Based on your chosen product or service, why would it be important for managers and planners to obtain information concerning marketing results? Why would reports for a particular timeframe (weekly, monthly, quarterly) be important concerning your product or service? How would the feedback in these reports be used to control the future of your marketing plan? 

[From 10$/Pg] All Work Solver

[From 10$/Pg] All Work Solver

Discussion 1 

Some politicians, labor unions, and special interest groups argue that US trade deficits are harmful to the economy and nations that run large trade surpluses with the US are benefiting from unfair trade practices and agreements. These parties support increasing tariffs on imports, elimination, or re-writing of trade agreements.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Discuss what credible economists say about the effects that tariffs, changing trade agreements, and/or manipulating exchange rates will have on the total US trade balance.
  • Do you agree with their assertions? Why or why not? 

Discussion 2

RESPOND TO Saridania and Rebecca post be professional and constructive with response.

Saridania post


The United States of America is considered the largest economy in the world. However, over time, various decisions, including trade agreements, have led to a negative U.S trade balance because the monetary value of the goods and services imported exceeds the economic value of goods and services exported. In response to the effects of the agreements, a section of economists believes that the solution is to alter the arrangements made and even impose tariffs to have a positive trade balance. For instance, some economists argue that the agreements need to be changed because they lead to a negative trade deficit and job loss to Americans. Additionally, because of the deals, countries engage in manipulative acts that hurt the local manufacturing sector and jobs, further worsening the U.S trade balance (Scott & Schott, 2017). From a personal point of view, it is agreeable that the trade agreements have hurt the U.S trade balance, and if the remedy is imposing tariffs or altering the contracts, then that needs to be done.

           That is because just with a simple examination at the issue of trade agreements and how it affects the balance between the country’s monetary value of exports and imports is evident with trade agreements that have led to a negative trade balance and, in return, loss of jobs. For instance, agreements that permit trade between the U.S and the low-wage nations negatively impact American workers, especially those without college degrees, as they are the ones rendered jobless. Thus, tariffs should be increased, and some agreements need to be re-written.

Rebecca Post


According to Tax Foundation trade barriers such as tariffs have shown to cause more harm to the economy then good: they cause higher prices and less availability for goods and services which results in lower income, higher unemployment rates and lower economic output (York, 2018). I feel as though it is hard to disagree with facts. We as a country have faced so many of this effects personality with the lack of product and the price increase because of that. While a lot of tariffs have been dropped there are still some very important goods that are still included in tariffs and cause great issues for citizens. For example imported goods create much higher tax burdens items such as knit or crocheted apparel and clothing (York, 2018). I think that there needs to better way to be able to trade with less effects on the consumer. Trade has been around for so long now I just lack the understanding of what can make it better of be implemented to assist in the process to override the burden brought down to the consumer. 

Discussion 3

For your journal assignment, think of your favorite author or your favorite book, story, poem, or other piece of creative work. Share this in your post and then answer the following questions, using your readings as guidance:

  • What POV does the author use? Will you use a similar POV in your own creative work?
  • What is one aspect of the author’s tone or style that you would like to use (or avoid using) in your own work?

Discussion 4

 For your post, what do you consider to be the most important consideration or principle when giving feedback? Why?